It is also important for me to create a instrument where the soundboard and strings have a liveliness and sensitivity when lightly plucked. Having grown up studying the guitar, I understand the importance of a great sound as well as an instrument which is easy to play. With that said, this is why I strive to build a guitar which takes little effort for the left and right hand.

Shaping each guitar by hand, I use traditional techniques and method of construction practiced by the old Spanish makers drawing my inspiration from Antonio de Torres, Santos Hernandez and a number of other great European makers of past and present.

My guitars are light in construction and aside from working with a solera, I prefer not to rely on forms and molds to shape the guitar. With this approach, I’ve enjoyed a personal relationship with each guitar to create a truly unique instrument.

With every build, I rely on my intuition, my understanding of the wood, the simplicity of the design, my eyes and hands to guide me through the process.

When graduating the soundboard, back or, shaping braces my focus is on a desired feel in flexibility/stiffness/weight rather than a target measurement in thickness. 

It is important that my focus and attention to detail is in each guitar since my work is about quality and not quantity.

I do not mass-produce my rosettes so, each guitar will have a slightly, or very different rosette than the last.

My guitars are built entirely with hide glue in a 40% to 50% controlled humidity environment using the finest hand selected woods which I can find.

My finish of choice is a French polish using shellac and some oil varnishes.

My standard model is made with a European spruce top or a western red cedar top with Indian rosewood for back and sides.

I work with genuine mahogany primarily for neck and ebony for the fingerboard. The neck's thickness, width and string spacing are tailored for the individual but,

my standard neck has a thickness of .0.90"/23mm at the 1st fret and about .940"/24mm+/- at the 10th fret.

The nut measures 52mm and 62mm/64mm at the 12th fret.

My standard string scale is 650mm/25.6”scale and I build varying scale lengths as well.

All guitars are fitted with Sloane tuning machines with leaf bronze base plates.

There are a number of different types of wood that are not common which would make great instruments and I am  open to trying new things.

If interested in pricing for Brazilian rosewood, maple, cypress and African blackwood please inquire.

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