"art is where the heart,head and hand come together"




Welcome to my website!

My intention is to create a fine instrument that facilitates an experience which will continue to resonate, inspire and bring joy to the musician/listener on an inner most level.

Qualities I aspire to achieve for each of my guitars is a rich beautiful voice with a wide tonal palette of colors throughout the entire fingerboard, clear separation from string to string, a voice that projects from an intimate setting to a large concert hall and a wide dynamic range.



It's important for me to create an instrument where the soundboard/strings have a liveliness and sensitivity when lightly plucked. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I want to be able to push/dig in to the strings where the quality of the sound has a body which holds up rather than a percussive quality that falls apart.

Having grown up studying the guitar, I understand the importance of a great sound as well as an instrument which is easy to play. With that said, I strive to build a guitar which takes little effort for the left and right hand.

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